Election of the representatives to the Executive Committee of ESCL-SELC. Procedure

The following sets out the procedure for establishing the list of declared candidates and for voting to elect new representatives or renew the mandates of those who wish to remain for a second (and final) term.

According to the ESCL-SELC Statutes, any members of the society can offer their candidatures.

Members must have consistently paid the membership fees to ESCL-SELC every year since they joined the society.  Eligible members also need to be present at the General Assembly.

Candidates will provide a short CV (3 pages max. including selected publications), and a personal statement. The statement will show:

  • The specific position(s) they are applying for within the Executive Committee.
  • The candidate’s commitment to attend EC meetings, contribute to ESCL-SELC initiatives, advocate for the society and encourage new colleagues to become members.
  • The value of their candidature (e.g. any specific areas of expertise, professional contacts, etc.), outlining essential aims and objectives relating to the position(s).
  • Current Executive Committee members who can and wish to apply for a second mandate must do so with a document that outlines what they have taken part in and achieved in the first mandate.

After a basic eligibility check, a list of candidates will be established and will be sent to all ESCL-SELC members

Please send applications by email directly to the ESCL-SELC President Bernard Franco (bernard.franco1@gmail.com).

The voting will be carried during the General Assembly

The candidates receiving the most votes will be deemed to be elected members of the ESCL-SELC Executive Committee.

The President will invite the new members to participate in the first meeting Executive Committee Meeting after their election.

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