The ESCL invites editors of academic volumes to present their application for the ESCL Excellence Award for Collaborative Research, is awarded for an outstanding edited volume which makes an original contribution to the field of Comparative Literature.

The award encourages collaborative comparative research, in recognition of the often-undervalued creative work of editor(s).

The ESCL-Excellence-Award consists of a single cash prize given to the editor(s) of the volume, and certificates attributed to both the editor(s) and the contributors. Candidates who are on the short-list will be informed in June 2021, and the winning volume will be announced at the ESCL’s next biannual congress in September 2021, where the editor(s) will receive their prize and the contributors their certificates.   Please download Eligibility Criteria and Rules for the ESCL-Excellence-Award



Annually, the European Society of Comparative Literature / Société Européenne de Littérature Comparée will grant 5 bursaries of 100€ in order to help scholars pursuing their PhD who wish to attend the society events and contribute to their organization.

Up to three grants, 100 euros each, are reserved for the next Congress of the European Society of Comparative Literature.

Please send your application, with the abstract of your planned paper and an abridged CV (two pages maximum) as an attached Word document, to