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Myth & Audiovisual Creation  

Call for Panels ESCL-SELC 2018 conference: V International Conference of Myth Criticism in collaboration with the research project Acis-Galatea   and SIIM 

Myths Oct.2018The conference will take place at Universidad Complutense Madrid 24-26 October 2018. The ESCL-SELC will host a number of thematic panels. To take part in the panels that will be organized by the ESCL-SELC, please read carefully the following > CFPanels.Myth and audiovisual creation Oct.2018 

Panel Proposals:  Filologia

Adapting European Myths to Modern Visual Culture: This panel invites contributions dealing with adaptions of European myths (whether ancient, modern or literary) in art, graphic novels, film, video and computer games, digital literature, ekphrastic prose, e-poetry, e-lit, etc. Analyses of innovative adaptations are encouraged. According to Julie Sanders, “it is at the very point of infidelity or departure that the most creative acts of adaptation take place. […] Adaptation studies needs to be understood as a field engaged with process, ideology and methodology rather than encouraging polarized value judgements.” (Adaptation and Appropriation, London & New York: Routledge, The New Critical Idiom, 2016). Deborah Cartmell proposes a useful template for studying interpretations of well-known works, which can be applied to myth, based on three broad categories of adaptation: i.        Transposition, which relocates source texts bringing them closer to the audience’s personal frame of reference; ii. Commentary, which assumes the reader-viewer’s familiarity and awareness of the source text; iii. Analogue, which provides a stand-alone result, i.e. totally different from the original (Deborah Cartmell, Imelda Whelehan, Adaptations: From Text to Screen, Screen to Text, Psychology Press, 1999). 250-word submissions should clearly state their title, original argument, theoretical background (especially in relation to myth), and offer very brief synopses of selected text(s). Please send your document with a 80-word bio-note and 5 key terms, and/or questions, by March 1st, 2018, to Brigitte Le Juez ( & Asun Lopez-Varela (