ESCL Book Series & Publications


Book Series: Crossovers: New Perspectives on CompLit

garciaThe Urban Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century European Literature: City Fissures (Palgrave Macmillan 2021) by Patricia García.



rabate  Historical Modernisms: Aesthetics, Time, Politics (London Bloomsbury 2021) by Jean-Michel Rabaté  and Angeliki Spiropoulou (eds.),



FearSafety.coverNarratives of fear and safety , Coord. & Eds. Kaisa Kaukiainen, Kaisa Kurikka, Hanna Mäkelä, Elise Nykänen, Sanna Nyqvist, Juha Raipola, Anne Riippa, Hanna Samola. Available at Amazon  This edited volume includes a selection of papers from the 7th ESCL held in Helsinki in 2017.


(Re)Writing Without Borders: Contemporary Intermedial Perspectives on Literature and the Visual Arts, Coord. & Eds. Brigitte Le Juez, Nina Shiel  and Mark Wallace. Available as part of the CompLit InterArt collection  at CG publishers or Amazon


Poster-Congress2015Publications from the 6th International Congress ESCL “Longing and Belonging/Désir et Appartenance” held in Dublin and Galway in 2015

Spaces of Longing and Belonging: Territoriality, Ideology and Creative Identity in Literature and Film. Spatial Practices, Vol. 30. Brill. Editors: Brigitte le Juez and Bill Richardson

SpacesLongingBetweenRivista dell’Associazione di Teoria e Storia Comparata dell Literatura Vol 7.13 (2017)  Vol 7 No 13 (2017): Longing and Belonging – Désir et Appartenance. This issue also offers an interview with Bertrand Westphal.

Special issue  The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture , vol. 10, No. 2 (June 2017),  National Chengchi Univ. (NCCU), Taipei, Taiwan.