Congress & conference publications

The 7th International Congress of the ENCLS (now ESCL) “Fear and safety” which took place in Helsinki in August 2017Poster-Congress2017

Those congress participants wishing to contribute to the publications of this congress should send their papers (5000-6000 words) to <> by February 28, 2018 Submissions must include 6-7 lines abstract + 5 keywords + full paper in Font 12, Times New Roman and double spacing. Please make sure your paper has not been accepted elsewhere.

Poster-Congress2015The 6th International Congress of the ENCLS (now ESCL) “Longing and Belonging/Désir et Appartenance” took place in Dublin and Galway in August 2015

Several special issues and volumes are being published.One has appeared in BetweenRivista dell’Associazione di Teoria e Storia Comparata dell Literatura Vol 7.13 (2017)  This issue also offers an interview with Bertrand Westphal.

A second special issue has appeared at The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture  at National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taipei, Taiwan.