ESCL Publications


Narratives of fear and safety , Coord. & Eds. Kaisa Kaukiainen, Kaisa Kurikka, Hanna Mäkelä, Elise Nykänen, Sanna Nyqvist, Juha Raipola, Anne Riippa, Hanna Samola. Available at Amazon  This edited volume includes a selection of papers from the 7th ESCL held in Helsinki in 2017.

(Re)Writing Without Borders: Contemporary Intermedial Perspectives on Literature and the Visual Arts, Coord. & Eds. Brigitte Le Juez, Nina Shiel  and Mark Wallace. Available as part of the CompLit InterArt collection  at CG publishers or Amazon


Publications from the 6th International Congress ESCL “Longing and Belonging/Désir et Appartenance” held in Dublin and Galway in 2015

Spaces of Longing and Belonging: Territoriality, Ideology and Creative Identity in Literature and Film. Spatial Practices, Vol. 30. Brill. Editors: Brigitte le Juez and Bill Richardson SpacesLonging

BetweenRivista dell’Associazione di Teoria e Storia Comparata dell Literatura Vol 7.13 (2017)  Vol 7 No 13 (2017): Longing and Belonging – Désir et Appartenance. This issue also offers an interview with Bertrand Westphal.

Special issue  The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture , vol. 10, No. 2 (June 2017),  National Chengchi Univ. (NCCU), Taipei, Taiwan.