Book Series: Crossovers: New Perspectives on CompLit

Call for Proposals

The European Society of Comparative Literature/Société Européenne de Littérature Comparée is calling for monograph proposals for its new peer-reviewed book series Crossovers: New Perspectives on CompLit to be published by ibidem Press (Germany).

Aims and Scope

The series welcomes the submission of monograph manuscripts that fall within the broadly understood category of Comparative Literature, exploring the interdisciplinary and transnational relationships between literature, society, science, art and other media. Reflecting the mission of the society, the series treats Europe as its focal point, using its cultural archives, intellectual history, and the intersections of ideas and phenomena – naturally intertwined with non-European forms of artistic creation – as its field of exploration. We welcome new theoretical and methodological approaches to an open range of topics and diverse cultural dimensions, including the studies of under-examined literary representations, such as inter alia Eastern European cultures in their relation to the West. Both early-career and experienced scholars are invited to contribute to the series. The emphasis on European literature as the platform for finding a common rationale in various, differentiated areas of artistic creation showing the development of societal changes, makes the series both relevant and topical at a time of contemporary global crisis.

Who We Are

The European Society of Comparative Literature/Société Européenne de Littérature Comparée (ESCL/SELC) is an association that actively promotes Comparative Literature since its early days when it was founded as a network in 2001. Since 2017 it is a society registered in France, and it represents comparatists in all of Europe and even beyond. In 2021 the society launched its peer-reviewed journal CompLit. Journal of European Literature, Arts and Society, which is published by Classiques Garnier (France). ESCL/SELC aims to provide a European space for interdisciplinary dialogues about culture, literature and literary studies and to facilitate exchanges of ideas and information among scholars, promoting international collaborative research and teaching, generating relevant debates through publications and international conferences, enabling the circulation of students and staff, and generally supporting and internationalising the work of regional, national, cross-national associations of Comparative Literature. More detailed information about the activities of the Society can be found on the website:

What We Offer

The editorial team of this ESCL/SELC series and the experienced international publisher ibidem Press ( will guide you through the publication process of a high-quality peer-reviewed book (e-book and paper back print edition). ESCL/SELC and ibidem Press will promote your book in publishers’ catalogues, social media channels, and websites, among others. Ibidem Press offers its authors royalties and excellent distribution throughout the world. There are no fees involved in the publication of the book in our series except for the publisher’s contractual obligation to buy a minimum number of author copies. ESCL and ibidem Press will support your work’s distribution and visibility as best possible and advise you about potential licensing payments. Licensing payments in Germany are very generous and they are available to all authors, regardless of where they live, as long as their book has been acquired by German public libraries. You can learn more about the advantages of publishing with us in the “Information for authors” below.

Languages and length of book manuscripts

The series will publish monograph manuscripts in English or French. The books are expected to comprise between 80,000 and 100,000 words. Volumes will include a 1‒2-page summary in English or French (depending on the language of the book). Before sending a proposal, please read the “Information for authors” below.

Proposal Submission

Deadline: 2 January 2022

Please submit your proposal according to the guidelines below to all three series editors by e-mail attachment (PDF):

Professor Emilia Dirocco

Dr. Elisa Kriza

Professor Beata Waligórska-Olejniczak

Information for authors:

  1. Step-by-step guide in a nutshell: 1. Please send the book proposal to the editors (information above), 2. If you receive an invitation to send the manuscript, please send a manuscript prepared for peer-review if you agree with the code of ethics and responsibilities (see below), 3. The editors will decide to send it to peer-reviewers or they will decide to decline the manuscript, 4. Once the manuscript has undergone peer-review the editors will accept or reject the manuscript or accept it with revisions. 5. Revisions and final approval. 6. Publication contract with ibidem Press: the publisher will contact the author for the next steps until publication.
  2. Proposal: Before sending the manuscript, please send a two or three-page book proposal with information about the author (or authors) and the book including: the length of the manuscript (word count: 80,000-100,000 words), topic, relevance of the book, innovation (what is new?), sources, theory and/or methodology; author(s) bio including affiliation and contact details (e-mail, phone number). Please send the proposal as a PDF file.
  3. Manuscript preparation: If you are invited to send a manuscript, please send a PDF and Word version of the manuscript, anonymized and ready for blind peer-review. Please include translations of quotes in foreign languages to the main language of the book (English or French). Remember to use a font that is easy to read (Times New Roman, Arial, or similar) in font size ≥11.
  4. Code of ethics and responsibilities:
  5. The manuscript must be an original, unpublished work by the author. The author is responsible for correct authorial attribution throughout the book.
  6. The author and potential reviewers shall declare any conflict of interest.
  7. It is the author’s responsibility to provide the full manuscript including the bibliography, images, etc. Permissions to use copyrighted images need to be secured by the author prior to publication.
  8. The editors commit to review every proposal carefully and fairly and to obtain adequate peer-reviewers for selected manuscripts.
  9. After peer-review and any revisions by the author, the author commits to providing a manuscript that has been proofread, edited, and formatted (if necessary, the publisher can offer these services for a standard fee). This is a precondition to publish, if the manuscript does not comply with the standards of the book series, it will be sent back to the author until this is the case.
  10. The author is a member or shall become a member of the ESCL before the publication of the book.
  11. The author agrees to the publisher’s contractual obligation to buy at least 20 author copies of the book.
  12. The publisher commits to support your publication project every step of the way. The book will be published as e-book and paperback (printing on acid-free, aging-resistant paper). The publisher will carry out targeted marketing and PR efforts, incorporating your input. It will offer aid with the cover design in accordance with your ideas. Ibidem guarantees availability: Your book will stay in print and fully available as long as the rights to distribute your book stay with the publisher. They guarantee to fulfil every order. Distribution within Germany through the wholesalers KNV, Libri, and Umbreit. Your book will thus be available within one working day in every associated bookstore. Your book will be ready to order in every bookstore worldwide. The publisher also offers direct worldwide distribution through its network of partners in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, China, India, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. Columbia University Press, New York, distributes its titles in North and South America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The publisher will send review copies to journals of your choice. The publisher offers royalties according to a standard set in your publication contract.
  13. ESCL will advertise your book in its newsletter and its social media channels.
  14. The publisher and the editors will provide information about collecting licensing payments in Germany. One of the perks of publishing in Germany is the potential to collect generous licensing payments in that country, no matter where you live. If your book is published in Germany and it is acquired by a set number of German public libraries, you are eligible to collect licensing payments from the society VG Wort. VG Wort determines the minimum number of different libraries that must have acquired your book for it to be eligible and it sets the amount you may collect – this ranges from 900 to around 1900 Euro (it fluctuates from year to year). (The quotas are published here, in German: Licensing payments are paid by VG Wort after the book has been published, usually the following summer. If your book is acquired by libraries in the United Kingdom, you may also join a licensing society and collect payments there as well. More information about licensing royalties in the UK can be found here: Licensing payments depend on distribution and marketing. ESCL and ibidem Press will support your work’s distribution and visibility as best possible and advise you about potential licensing payments.

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